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In addition to taxes, why is there a surcharge on the ticket price?

This amount covers the ticketing and credit card transaction fees. Depending on the admission fee, it varies between $3 and $8.


What is the minimum age required to participate in the workshops?

12 years old. Participants aged 12 to 17 must be accompanied by an adult for the following workshops:

Archery and Wilderness Cooking


Can my children accompany me?

Access is free for children aged 12 and under. At all times, adult supervision is required on site. Only ticket holders can access the workshops and bowhunting courses.


Can a workshop be cancelled?

If the minimum number of registrations is not reached, the organization reserves the right to cancel a workshop. In this case, you will receive a full refund.

For more details, see the Cancellation section in OUR POLICIES


Can I transfer my ticket?

It is possible to transfer or sell your ticket to another participant up to 7 days before the event. You must inform us by email.

For more details, see the Cancellation section in OUR POLICIES


Can I bring my dog?

Pets are not allowed on site.


How big is the bowhunting course?

You will cover a distance of approximately 4.5 km, with a difference in altitude of approximately 65 m.


Is it possible to repeat the course on the same day?

If some of the starting waves are incomplete, and you finish early enough to join them, yes, it is possible to repeat the course at no extra cost. Ask the starter for more information.


Does the course change from day to day?

As many of the stages are designed to be interactive, there are no changes to the course between Saturday and Sunday.


What are starting waves?

In a starting wave, groups of 4 people start at 15-minute intervals on the bowhunting course. The wave takes place in a fixed time slot to maximize the experience on the course. We ask participants to be on site 45 minutes before their wave begins.


What are the conditions of the forest where the activities take place?

The event is held in mature forest, where the ground is generally free of obstacles. Wetlands are avoided and forest trails are available for easy travel.


Can I go anywhere I want in the forest?

We take the safety of our participants and staff very seriously. Please follow your group and stay on the forest paths when you are not in the workshops.  


Is swimming allowed in the river?



Is it possible to fish outside the fishing workshop?

Yes, it is possible to fish in the river during your stay, but only in the designated areas. You must have a valid fishing licence. Limit of 2 catches per person. Catch and release is strongly encouraged. You must bring your own fishing equipment.


Are there any fish in the river?

Trout are stocked every year.


Can I bring my own cooking equipment?

Yes, camping cooking equipment is allowed, but open fires are not permitted on the campsite.


What services are available at the campsite?

The campsite is rustic. No services are provided. Chemical toilets are provided on site. No fires will be allowed other than those of the organization. We are responsible for managing all open fires during the event in accordance with SOPFEU's notices. 


Is there mobile phone and wifi on site?

No wifi is available. The quality of the network varies depending on your location, but generally there is no signal on the entire site where the activities take place.


Is there food on site?

You are responsible for bringing your own food and snacks. Refreshments will be available for purchase at the LAB45° Counter.


Can I bring my own alcoholic beverages on site?

Only if you are taking advantage of the camping service and these must be consumed within the confines of the camping site. On the event site, alcoholic beverages will be sold at the LAB45° Counter.


Is there a place on site to repair my bow or buy arrows?

Yes, the Arrow Shop team will be on site.

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