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We are an adventure laboratory based on 5 pillars: hunting, fishing, gathering, wilderness cooking and living in nature. These 5 fundamental activities are rooted in a know-how that was once vital to the lives of Indigenous Peoples and our common nomadic hunter-gatherer ancestors. We want to perpetuate this heritage through workshops that converge on a distinctive and modern event platform.


Our work is based on 5 principles.


  • Learning in a laboratory format to experience life in nature.

  • Sharing knowledge that enhances an appreciation of the outdoors in order to find one's place in this majestic universe.


  • To preserve the state of the natural pantry that is the forest.


  • To integrate with nature by minimizing our ecological footprint.


  • To evolve in learning and practices as a source of personal growth.  


Our mission is to promote each of our activities in an ethical, sustainable, safe and responsible fashion.


If you have any questions about LAB45°send us an email and a member of our team will respond promptly.

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